Children’s Book Author/Illustrator, gardener, picture taker, soccer mom, and cake eater extraordinaire.

Angie is a children’s book author and illustrator based in Southern Maryland, USA. She is the author of Wimbley the Wonder Boy, a picture book about a mischievous young child who wonders the most amazing things.

Angie spent her childhood growing up in the Southeastern desert of New Mexico, and since marrying a fly-guy Naval Officer, has lived in many places across the United States. She currently resides in a historic farmhouse built in the 1700’s with her husband, four soccer playing children, and one pet beagle named, Fernie.

Below, Angie has answered a few of the most commonly asked questions…

Question #1: What is your favorite book?

Yikes! That’s a tough one. There is no way I could narrow it down to just one, so I’ll pick two. First, A Promise Is A Promise by Florence Parry Heide…the unexpected humor is unbeatable! For the second, I’d have to say Virginia Lee Burton’s classic, The Little House.

Question #2: What is your favorite color?

Well that’s easy, GREEN!

Question #3: What activities do you enjoy doing?

Hmmm…there are quite a lot, such as gardening, baking, photographing, writing, drawing, sewing, crafting, eating, antiquing, reading, golfing, watching soccer, and last but not least, playing all the latest and greatest hits on my inflatable ukulele.

Question #4: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would go to the top of a mountain because I love mountains, although it is usually cold at the top of mountains and I don’t like to be cold, and there are bears on the tops of mountains and I’m not quite certain I am ready to meet a bear, I don’t even know what bears like to talk about, and I must have coffee and as far as I know there is no coffee at the top of a mountain, and come to think of it, there probably isn’t any cake either, so I suppose I’ll just stay put right here in my comfy, cozy chair and look at the top of the mountain from my window with cake in one hand and coffee in the other.

Question #5: What would you be if you weren’t an author or illustrator?

Probably a donut taste tester!