Sneak Peek! A small sampling of what Angie is currently working on

Picture Book

Old King Crow And His Kingdom of Nothingness

When Old King Crow sets out to grow his Kingdom of Nothingness into a Kingdom of Something, he soon realizes that it isn’t what is in your kingdom, but rather who.

Envy. Kindness. Redemption. Friendship.

This is a picture book tale for both young and old.

Chapter Book

Cowboy Crewse: A Real Rootin-Tootin Cowboy

Cowboy Crewse wants to be a real rootin-tootin cowboy, but everybody knows that a real rootin-tootin cowboy needs a trusty sidekick, so that’s just what he aims to find, right after he chows down on that thar stack of chipotle drizzled pancakes!

Picture Book Collection

Rupert & Wilfred: A Two Dog Tale

Rupert is a tidy dog. 

Wilfred enjoys splashing in mud puddles. 

Rupert and Wilfred are best friends.

WIP Chapter Book

Apartment of Assortments

One city.

One Apartment.

Many Neighbors.